A democratic government, it is said, is ‘for the people,’ ‘of the people,’ and ‘by the people.’ But, of late, the term ‘government’ has undergone a metamorphosis, and has assumed a neo-con connotation, meaning a tool ‘for the exploitation of people,’ ‘of the exploitation of people,’ and ‘by the exploitation of people’ by political babus and ‘perpetuating the exploitation of people’ by these babus.


Is a government meant for the welfare of the people or to exploit the people for the own welfare of the political babus or the powers that be? Is a government meant for alleviating and mitigating the miseries of the common man, or for inflating the coffers of the babus that last for umpteen generations to come? Is a government meant to provide succour to the torments of the people, or suck away all the succour meant for them? Going by the instances and precedents witnessed recently in India, and especially, Hyderabad, the latter seems to be the order of the day for the government!


The government is exploiting people to the core in numerous unprecedented and novel ways, and making people believe that this ‘exploitation’ is for their own good! In a way, it is exploitation of the term ‘exploitation’ to the hilt by the government. How else do you explain the government enforcing 100% of our population to consume iodized salt when only 2% of the population suffers from goiter? There’s not an iota of doubt in anyone’s mind that there is a powerful corporate lobby with an axe to grind, which is thrusting its egoistic interests upon the government, for which the government certainly must be getting some ‘financial gains.’


Of late, the frequent unscheduled and erratic power cuts in Hyderabad, courtesy our Chief Minister, YSR, is another moot point! Power cuts take place everyday for about 2-5 hours, but what is mysterious about these power cuts is that no one ever knows when the power cuts will happen! It could happen at the break of dawn or in the dead night! It is left to the discretion of the whims and fancies of the government. The government does not feel obligated an iota to inform the people about the schedule of the power cuts by publicizing it in newspapers, radio, or television. But, when it comes to collection of money for electricity bills, the government will supererogate to inform people through public address system to pay their bills on time or face disconnection of power. Truly, the sense of responsibility and accountability of the government needs a ‘special’ mention and appreciation here!


I think I have a bright idea here! We all should submit a petition to the Chief Minister, and start a movement to rename Andhra Pradesh as “Andhera Pradesh” (the Black State of India) because half of the time in a day there is no power here! This will be one of the greatest achievements of the Congress regime, which the party can keep harping on in eternity in the forthcoming elections, just like they misuse (oops…..cleverly use and manipulate) the names of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, even after they are dead, to garner votes in their names!


No wonder, the government will go a long way in harassing the people, and people will also make all out efforts in ensuring that the government continues to harass them with ascending intensity, courtesy their apathetic behaviour and acquiescent attitude!



© 2008. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

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