Emotional Plaything

You used my heart as a plaything,

After satisfying yourself, away, you did fling.

You wanted someone, who praised you all day,

With whose emotions, anytime, you could play.

I became a victim of your crazy thought,

All along, a lost battle, I fought.

I was after you, like a bee after honey,

But, you proved, even love can be funny.

Things, I learnt, can always go wrong,

Within your control, they are, as long.

Without seeing you, I couldn’t live for a day,

But, to avoid you for eternity, you made me pray.

Love from you, no longer, do I need,

As tears of blood, in my heart, you made me bleed.

But, for your well-being, I pray still,

Because, the void you created, none could fill.


© 2003. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

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