Everyone Says…..

Everyone says, my love was true,

But, love from my heart, away you threw!

Everyone says, in love, I am very unlucky,

Love in my heart, was like a wicket, sticky.

Everyone says, I deserve happiness more,

But love made my joy, a complete sore.

Everyone says, I should come out of the dark,

Now, I know not, in whose heart, my love, I should park!

Everyone says, I’ll have happy days ahead,

But I know not, what happiness means for a man walking dead!

Everyone says, I’ll find true love one day,

For true love, such a heavy price, do I have to pay?

Everyone says, the pains of love are sweeter than its pleasures!

I thank god, as I got such pains without measure! 


(C) 2008. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

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