Interminable Germination

You killed my love, before it could germinate,

But, even after death, it did not terminate.

My true feelings, you nipped in the bud,

And made my love, seem a dud.

You raised my hopes, and then doused it in fire,

You put me in cradle, and then lit my pyre.

For a new life, you opened the door,

Before I could enter, my heart, you tore.

My life, I thought, would be glad,

You left me, in your love, running mad!

Before seeing you, life was a bore,

But, after meeting you, life became a sore.

You wanted to make my love, void,

But, forever, in my heart, it’ll remain buoyed.


© 2003. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

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