Interpretation of Tamil Super Star Rajnikanth’s Dialogues & Songs

The following are some of the dialogues or interpretation of the meaning of Tamil songs of Rajnikanth in English. Really such beautiful lyrics!

  1. “If you have limited money, it will protect you. If you have excess money (esp. above your neck), you will have to protect it.”
  2. “If we are destined to get something, we WILL get it irrespective of all odds against us. If we are destined not to get something, we WILL NEVER get it however hard we may try.”
  3. “Human beings desire land, but land desires human being. Ultimately, it is the land that WINS (since all of us will have to die one day and be buried into the land). The brain understands this, but the heart doesn’t.”
  4. “There is only one employer in this entire UNIVERSE and that is GOD. The rest of us are all just workers.”
  5. “One who thinks about fate and destiny is a fool. He who works hard to achieve his goals is a wise person.”
  6. “History reveals that a woman who exposes, and a man who is a womanizer/philanderer have never prospered in life.”
  7. A person who gets cheated is more guilty than the person who cheats.
  8. If you want to embrace honesty, you should have the courage to embrace adversity and poverty first.

One thought on “Interpretation of Tamil Super Star Rajnikanth’s Dialogues & Songs

  1. Hi Man, thanks for the dialogues. I have a request to you man, way back in 90’s there was an English album made. Album was a dub of all Rajini songs. Music was same, tune was same and the lyrics were in english, just the way the you have interpreted the dialogues. Could you kindly find it. Thanks in advance.

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