LOVE ME 24X7 (Abecedarian Poem)

Allow me to love you, and

Be with you, everyday.

Care for me, every hour, and

Don’t leave me, even in my dreams!

Embrace me with such passion,

For, all I want is just your love.

Germinate my love, when it is dead, and

Harness it, even after my death!

Ignore me never, even for a second!

Just be with me, until my sorrows and joys end.

Keep me away from loneliness,

Love me for what I am, and

Make me a part of you.

Night or day, always give me company,

Only you, anywhere I will accompany.

Past, present, or future – I see only you!

Quietly in my heart, you’ve captured a permanent place,

Rarity it is, to find someone like you, these days.

Show me the way to eternal bliss,

Teach me how to live, when something I miss!

Understand me with all your heart,

Very often, I fear, from me, you may part!

Waiting I’m, for you, to love me eternally,

Xerophobic is my heart feeling, in love,

Yearning for you and your love, now!

Zenith of love, I want to experience with you, forever!


NB: The above poem is an abecedarian poem, i.e., which has all the elements of the English alphabet in order.


© 2008. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

11 thoughts on “LOVE ME 24X7 (Abecedarian Poem)

  1. Hey that was abecedarianly lovarian !! Good one! btw you sound deep in love.

    Best Regards

    Manju Prasad
    Country Manager-Business Development

  2. Well weaved verse with all the alphabetical letters about love between two romantic persons is interesting to read indeed! Don’t stop with this; proceed further so in writing a few more poems so that it will make new record in the history of poetry! Keep it up!

  3. Wow! That’s great. You constantly bring us something new, interesting and informative about the English language. I had once written only words in this abecedarian format, listing all the wonderful qualities from A to Z of a friend. A whole poem is quite something.

  4. Good Lords! Mohan, you seem to have bitten by the “Love Bug”. Your experiments with the English language are phenomenal and pray that you continue to experiment and progress to the Zeniths of the language.

  5. The Poem is fantastic!! You seem to be fascinated with Love. I liked both the Poems and the flow of abecedarian is amazing!! Keep it Up!!

  6. Nice post. Love is something very hard to describe … like the look of a rose, or the smell of the rain, or the feeling of forever. Love is itself so magical and your poem makes it more magical

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