Embedded Love (Abecedarian Poem)

Awaken my inner passion,

Beckon me with compassion.

Cheer me up with endless encouragement,

Deter me from the slightest discouragement.

Extend me your incessant support,

From my life, yourself, you never abort!

Gently teach me, love and its art,

Harbour not, thoughts of going apart.

Infuse into my heart, lot of love feelings,

Judge me not, purely on the basis of my extrinsic dealings.

Kick-start my love, which has become dormant,

Leaven my love, and make it more fragrant.

Masquerade not your true emotions,

None, I have against you, prejudiced notions!

Object not, to my love, so true,

Protect it from uncertainties, as it naturally grew.

Quirky, my love, may sometimes seem,

Rubbish it not, but nourish it into reality, from my heart’s dream.

Sideline me not, by treating my love as crazy,

Trespass my heart, and make me breezy.

Upgrade my love to the next highest level,

Value my true love, as a precious jewel.

Wholeheartedly accept me, with all my flaws,

Xanadu of love is your heart still, as it once was!

Yield to my love, so honest, profound, and pure,

Zillion years from now, even, I will succumb to your lure!



NB: The above is an abecedarian poem, i.e., which has all the letters of the English alphabet in order.


© 2008. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

7 thoughts on “Embedded Love (Abecedarian Poem)

  1. Embedded Love of yours is pleading deeply for love to be kept up firm. Poem is wonderful alphabetically and rhyming too at the end of lines! Good! Please keep it up to a better level further.

  2. When I say ‘Quality’, this is what I mean. I think the choice of words is very good and not too exasperating as in ‘Zombie Love’. Keep it up!

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