My heart, love has again filled,

But in love, I’m the least skilled!

The love of my life, will god now bestow?

Or, will love turn out to be, my greatest foe?

Love seems sweeter now, after a failure,

Will ‘this’ love make my life endure?

Will love this time, act as nectar?

Or, decay, my heart’s every sector?

The ‘ways of love,’ to me, seem inexplicable,

It evaporates as quick as it begets, like a bubble!

I wish, love, I could capture,

And make my heart, enrapture!

But, alas! Sometimes, love seems wishful thinking,

Love, in my heart, hasn’t yet started sinking!

© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.

One thought on “WISHFUL LOVE

  1. nice …..Mr.Mohanchandran……….i read ur poem its very nice to read.i read your whole profile.at last i came to conclusion that you are multitalented person.

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