You’re the eliminator, of all troubles,

On worshipping you, problems vanish, like bubbles.

You are the bestower of wisdom,

One who ignores you, can never attain stardom.

You teach us, how to stay humble,

And give strength to exalt, after we fumble.

Your large ears remind us, to be a good listener,

And, of our tongues, not to be a prisoner!

You’ve names, more than a hundred,

To invoke you, when something, we dread.

How can a day pass, without offering you oblation?

The entire universe bows to you, not just a nation.

You’re the protector and saviour of humankind,

One who doesn’t worship you, will always remain behind.

NB: This poem is dedicated to the most loved and most worshipped God in the world, Ganesha/Vinayaka.

© 2010. P. Mohan Chandran, All Rights Reserved.

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