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Do the decisions you take give you both ‘success and peace?
Do you want to make the ‘right’ decisions ‘always’?
Do you dislike managerial jargons and confusing theories?
Do you want to read the ‘authentic’ and ‘reliable’ work of a true scholar?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “yes,” read further……….

Today, we live in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainty, and chaos. Technology and changing relationships create modern dilemmas. Business leaders and individuals are finding established concepts and practices “inadequate” in taking right decisions! Motivational gurus and management experts are increasingly borrowing from ancient scriptures to cope with modern challenges in business management and life in general.

We have often seen that even scholars provide wrong interpretations of scriptures and misguide readers due to lack of adequate knowledge of Sanskrit language, inability to understand and analyze mythological characters and relevant contexts correctly. Ironically the scriptures have not been researched properly to answer the most fundamental critical question: “What is the enduring method to guide us in taking right decisions consistently?.”

“Inspired Decision-Making for Success and Peace” distills the essence of the scriptures and identifies the ‘key’ to ‘right’ decision-making. Elaborate, unbiased analysis and adaptation to modern context is the USP of the book.

Leveraging his profound knowledge of Sanskrit language, coupled with over four decades of research expertise, the author (Sanskrit scholar) of over twenty books has skillfully analyzed the scriptures, and presented the best method for ‘right’ decision-making. If you are looking for a book that serves as an eternal guide for ‘simple but profound and correct’ analysis, this is the right one for you! Grab this book, and you will realize you have already taken the ‘right’ decision! And, are truly on your way to taking more such ‘right’ decisions!

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You’re the eliminator, of all troubles,

On worshipping you, problems vanish, like bubbles.

You are the bestower of wisdom,

One who ignores you, can never attain stardom.

You teach us, how to stay humble,

And give strength to exalt, after we fumble.

Your large ears remind us, to be a good listener,

And, of our tongues, not to be a prisoner!

You’ve names, more than a hundred,

To invoke you, when something, we dread.

How can a day pass, without offering you oblation?

The entire universe bows to you, not just a nation.

You’re the protector and saviour of humankind,

One who doesn’t worship you, will always remain behind.

NB: This poem is dedicated to the most loved and most worshipped God in the world, Ganesha/Vinayaka.

© 2010. P. Mohan Chandran, All Rights Reserved.


With my feelings, you played,

With love, my heart, you flayed!

For my true feelings, you showed disdain,

You continued to batter me, even after I was slain!

You encouraged my love aspiration,

And then, quietly led me, to its expiration!

You made me think, you had a heart of gold,

But, I knew not, to someone, your heart, you had already sold!

Love, I thought, was a rare blessing,

When I presented it to you, away did you fling!

I thought, of love, you were an Angel,

But my heart, with yours, could never gel!

With love, I thought, I would be elevated,

But, my heart and the love of my life, it deracinated!



© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.





In love, why do we feel the pain?

It scars the heart, and leaves behind stain.

Does pain make us really wise?

Or, cuts the feelings of our hearts to size?

Does love soothe, or make us uncouth?

Love is for the old, and the youth!

In love, why does the heart waver?

Anything else, except pain, does the heart favour?

Why do tears run down, like rivulets of blood?

Not just the heart, the entire soul, they flood!

Are love and pain Siamese twins?

Are they the heart’s two greatest sins?

If at all, love ever yields bliss,

I’ll be so unfortunate, that I’m sure to miss!





© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.







Of late, more than god, of you, I think,

More than water, my own tears, I drink!

Will I get you, or will I miss?

Will you truly understand me, or take me amiss?

Will you take pride in being my better-half?

Or, at my unprecedented love for you, scoff?

My obliterated love, will you resuscitate?

Or, just consign it to fate?

The deep scars of my heart, will you erase?

Or, leave it alone, to develop into a maze?

Your love has come, as a glimmer of hope,

I wish, it doesn’t turn, into a rope!

Your love, my heart wants to embrace,

If it can’t, can there be a better disgrace?



© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.


My heart, love has again filled,

But in love, I’m the least skilled!

The love of my life, will god now bestow?

Or, will love turn out to be, my greatest foe?

Love seems sweeter now, after a failure,

Will ‘this’ love make my life endure?

Will love this time, act as nectar?

Or, decay, my heart’s every sector?

The ‘ways of love,’ to me, seem inexplicable,

It evaporates as quick as it begets, like a bubble!

I wish, love, I could capture,

And make my heart, enrapture!

But, alas! Sometimes, love seems wishful thinking,

Love, in my heart, hasn’t yet started sinking!

© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.


Of love, are you an apostle?

Or just an imaginary castle?

Of love, are you an embodiment?

Or just, an accompaniment?

The true values of love, will you uphold?

Or prove to be copper, in the guise of gold?

The feelings of my heart, will you reciprocate?

Or with the effluxion of time, allow it to abate?

Will you be by my side, in times, turbulent?

For me, are you truly meant?

My pain, will you alleviate or aggravate?

Will you save me from doom, or seal my fate?

No more pain can my heart, now bear,

If it does, it will be beyond repair!

© 2009. P. Mohan Chandran. All Rights Reserved.